Aztec Bloofus & Poppy Gold TTE 2018 Exclusive by Mooncasket x ToyZero

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TTE 2018 Exclusive

Bloofus is huge monster and with a pair of horns on his head, but he is not scary at all. In fact, he has a beautiful heart and makes people smile. Poppy Gold is the first buddy of Bloofus when they met on a cheery planet. Under Bloofus’s love and care, Poppy Gold has finally blossomed into a radiant happy flower.
(Bloofus是體型巨大、頭上長著雙角的怪獸。他有一顆彩虹般美麗的心,想為你的臉掛上微笑。黃色罌粟花Poopy Gold是Bloofus在愉快星球找到的第一位朋友,在牠悉心的照料下,Poppy Gold最後變成了一朵光芒四射,開心的花。)

Designed by Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan) and produced by TOY0+, Bloofus soft vinyl toy is 13cm tall, with Poppy Gold as a separate accessory.
(由TOY0+生產,+Artist “Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan)” 設計,Bloofus 搪膠公仔全高13cm,另附有好朋友Poppy Gold的分拆配件。)


Size : ~13cm(H)
Material : Soft Vinyl and Resin

Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China

+ ARTIST : Mooncasket

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