Jaime & Mimi The Milk Deliverer by Yokooong and TOY0+- Preorder


Preorder – Ships Late Dec 2018

Size: 118mm tall
Material: Soft Vinyl / Resin

Jaime: “Hey Mimi, where are you…?”
Mimi has been sneaked out in every early morning and work as a Milk Deliverer, by runs through the community and delivering fresh milk & daily news to everyone!

“Jaime & Mimi” has become collectors’ favourite since our launching of the art vinyl collectibles. This time, Yokooong and TOY0+ are presenting a new version of “Jaime & Mimi” whether Mimi is being a Milk Deliverer! Mimi soft vinyl toy is 11.8cm tall with head and hands movable head and hands, with full set of accessories such as a postman bag, a milk bottle and newspapers, and also a very cute “Jamie doll”.

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Dimensions5 × 5 × 4 in